IFB Microwave

Looking for an IFB microwave Service Centre in Bangalore? You have just come to the right page! We are the leading IFB microwave service centre in city, catering to all major areas. IFB is among the most famed for microwave ovens, with a range that offers something or the other for both homes and commercial ventures. While IFB microwaves are known for their shelf life, but no brand can last till eternity. If your microwave from IFB isn’t working to the best of its potential, we are happy to help and offer our services in the least time possible.

IFB Microwave Repair – How To Find Defects With Your Microwave?

Most people looking for IFB microwave service center Bangalore don’t actually take the working of the model seriously, until comes a point when they cannot use the microwave anymore. Microwave is easily one of the delicate and frequently used appliances at home, and therefore, the issue with the model can crop up anytime. In general, you should ask for repairs the moment when the heating and regular functions don’t seem to be at best. Here are some common problems with IFB microwaves.

  1. Bulb not working
  2. Buttons not working
  3. Sparks in the machine
  4. Lack of proper heating
  5. Issues with start and stop
  6. Sudden stopping of the machine
  7. Issues with turntable rotation
  8. Door not closing/opening/jammed

In general, these are just common things or symptoms that you may notice, but there are other parts that may be responsible for the sudden issues with your microwave. While offering IFB microwave service, we take care of the entire servicing part and check for all faults to ensure that the product is delivered back to the customer in mint condition. For small faults and issues, we can come down at your place and repair the model then and there!

Offering The Best IFB Microwave Repair In Bangalore!

We know you have plenty of options for repairing your microwave, and that includes authorized service centers, as well. However, most services out there won’t give us guarantee of the work, and the service centers will take weeks before they tell you the issue and cost of repairs. Our main aim is to make sure that we offer the repairs sans any issues. Depending on the model and condition, we offer 15 to 30 days guarantee on the services and repairs, with complete assurance of quality!

Bangalore knows us for the services we offer, and we are catering to areas around the city, as well. Our regular repairmen are available in and around places like Shankarapurum, Shadashivnagar, Koramangala, Jayanaga, Kumarapark, Malleshwaram, and Rajajinagar. Whenever you call us, we contact the nearest member of the team, who often reaches within an hour of calling.

We are working for 365 days of the year, and no matter which model of IFB you own, we have experts to check and repair in least time. Adding to your convenience, we offer an estimate for the work and service charge ahead in advance, which will ensure there is clear transparency in the work.

Have a question or need to ask on general heating issues? Feel free to call us anytime for troubleshoot on the phone. Our repairmen can reach at a time convenient to you on any day of the week.