General Electric Microwave

General Electric is easily among the most famed and renowned makers of microwaves in the Indian market, with ample models and commendable service. If you own a microwave from the company and have been having troubles recently, we can help you fix the problem. We are often put on the question as why not go to an authorized GE microwave Service Centre in Bangalore but come to us? Well, simply because we don’t take weeks to find the problem, and in most cases, we can offer our services at your home at a much lesser cost. Take a look at what we do and why we are your solution to GE microwave repair in the IT city!

GE Microwave Repair – When to call the experts of our team?

Despite being a small appliance, microwave needs a lot more care and good use because of the heating factor. With the passage of time, even the best of models can show some tantrums, which can vary with the reason. Commonly, you would find either of these problems in the microwave.

  1. Startup problems
  2. No display visible
  3. Extreme noise or sound
  4. No or very low heating
  5. Turntable doesn’t turn
  6. Starts for limited time
  7. Light bulb not functioning
  8. Buttons are non-functional
  9. Sparks and electric issues
  10. Exhaust fan doesn’t function

Most owners don’t call us till they try things on their own or the microwave stops functioning completely. Let us remind here that handling a faulty microwave, sans any knowledge, can mean more damage and cause injury in extreme cases. The moment you find any of the above issues in the microwave, the first thing to do is to turn off the plug point and call us for an inspection. We are the leading GE microwave Service Centre Bangalore, offering services on a single call.

Get GE microwave repair anywhere in Bangalore

Once you drop your contact details for GE Microwave repair in Bangalore, no matter the location, our team members and expert repairmen can reach your home or office in no time. We are available for 24×7 and for all days of the year, ensuring your microwave gets the best service whenever needed. We would like to add here that we do serve commercial places, and for GE, we have a special team of experts who are known and trained to check and repair models of the brand.

The best guarantee for microwave repair services

Yes, we do offer a guarantee of 30 days for the services we offer, dependent on terms and conditions. We work on a very clear note where we take time to evaluate the problem and offer an estimate for the repair job. Please note that we offer complete estimate of the work, and in case there are other parts that need to repaired/ changed or reinstalled, the charges would be mentioned later.

Call the microwave experts for hassle free services

We have been serving the region of Bangalore for the longest time and have services in all areas of the city. Just call us as you please, and we can reduce the tasks of transport and visits to the best extent. Also, we are always offering our repair jobs on a limited time frame, so forget the days when changing the bulb was a major issue that would take days. We are your one stop for all kinds of repairs for GE microwaves!!