Microwave Oven

Is your microwave on the fritz? Has it stopped working completely? Are you looking for a quick and easy solution for repairing your microwave oven? We at Dial and Search truly understand your problem and thus we ensure that you are provided with services that perfectly meet your expectations. The parts we repair and replace are absolutely genuine. On top of that, our wide range of experts, are also efficient in handling all kinds of microwave related issues. They use high end equipments and the best technical expertise to get your microwave problem fixed in a jiffy. We have been in the business for long and have thus garnered ample experience in fixing every kind of microwave. All you need to do is contact us for quick and viable microwave repair Bangalore.

Our company is one, of the leading microwave oven service centre in Bangalore. Throughout our tenure, we have made sure that the devices repaired provide apt and perfect performance in the long run. We further make sure that all the necessary parts of the microwave are repaired within your required time slot. Our company obeys the set standards you expect and thus provide you high end devices round the corner.

We have also been authorized to work for innumerable brands. So whether it is a Samsung Microwave, a Videocon or a Panasonic one; we have a proper solution for all of it. Our experts check each and every glitch of the oven thereby ensuring that it functions perfectly. On top of that, we also have different set of technicians for different brands. Each of them has acquired ample training in their niche that in turn lets them provide the best of services. Thus, no matter whatever be the problem and whatever be the brand, at Dial and Search you can always enjoy the best from microwave service Bangalore.

Microwave Repair Bangalore – Why choose us?

Well, there are innumerable reasons for choosing our services. Some of them are listed below

  1. We have expertise in handling various brands.
  2. The parts we repair are absolutely genuine and branded.
  3. We provide the best services in easy and affordable rates.
  4. Our experts will visit you right away to check the condition and extent of the problem.
  5. Our company has ample experience in dealing with any and every kind of microwaves.
  6. We offer quick services as per your schedule. We never delay and always adhere to deadlines.
  7. Our experts have garnered ample expertise and experience in handling the various technical equipments.
  8. Our customer support cell is extremely active. Contact them at anytime of the day for queries related to the repair.
  9. We have no hidden or extra charges. An estimate about the charges is provided right before you choose our services.
  10. We have a high reputation in the industry. So reliability is our forte. You can always count on us without thinking twice.

Microwave Oven Service – The common problems.

Even though microwave oven problems seem tedious, there are certain problems that are common and can be handled easily by our experts. We also handle complex problem but that takes around 7-10 days. Following are some of the common issues that can happen to your microwave.

Totally dead oven is probably one of the biggest and the most common problem that your microwave might face. In such cases, there is usually a problem with the power panel. Our professionals check the panel and ensure that proper and ample support is provided to your oven. They also change the circuit if short circuits occur.

Again, it might also happen that there is no response from any of the buttons on the touch pad. In such cases it is evident that the touchpad has some problems. Consult our experts who in turn will check the pad and if necessary, replace it with a genuine, branded product.

When your oven starts right away even when the door is open or when it starts as soon as the door is closed; there is a serious problem with the power panel. In such cases, our experts analyze the glitch and provide the necessary microwave oven service on the go. They ensure that your device works perfectly fine, thereby letting you enjoy the best benefits from it. These experts also check any and every kind of erratic behavior of your oven and ensure that the issues are handled perfectly.

In most cases is the problem is not very intense, it is suggested by experts to unplug your device and keep it aside for a couple of minutes. This might restore the normalcy of your oven because very often the microwave goes to a whacko condition for some unforeseen reason and starts functioning only when the device is reset. So in case you have any glitches with the oven turn off the power and make sure that there are no loose ends. If the problem persists you can always contact us at our microwave oven service center and get it fixed by professionals.

Microwave Service Bangalore – Reliability, affordability and quality all teamed in one

Yes! Our company is reliable, affordable and we also have the best quality service on the go. So no matter whatever is your problem, we will have a solution for it all. We cater to the various models of various brands. So our brand power too is immense. Simply get in touch with us for getting your devices fixed at the best rates. We will never disappoint you and will provide you a service that will meet beyond your expectations. So don’t think twice and simply choose us for the best microwave ovens repair services at commendable rates.